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Pronunciation /k?nt??n?nt(?)l/

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  • 1attributive Forming or belonging to a continent.

    ‘continental Antarctica’
    • ‘Such locations were defined based on the latitude and longitude of the center of the country (or continental area) of origin.’
    • ‘And we can say the same thing for other continents that all large continental areas are clearly having increases in temperature which are directly attributable to human activities.’
    • ‘Earthquakes primarily represent a threat to areas where continental plates meet: Japan, Turkey, California, for example.’
    • ‘A particular winged beetle type lives on large continental areas; the same beetle type on a small windy island has no wings.’
    • ‘Impact craters are about as numerous on Venus as they are on continental areas of Earth, and are thus not as common as they are on most other planets.’
    • ‘The long endurance of these, still important to the present day, contrasts with developments in many continental areas.’
    • ‘The following three collection sites belong to the continental area of Antarctica.’
    • ‘The new areas consist of the continental margin and an exclusive economic zone.’
    • ‘And this set of glacial deposits contained the evidence of continental glaciers that covered these ancient continents.’
    • ‘There were no polar ice caps or continental glaciation.’
    • ‘It is the sixth highest free-falling waterfall in the continental United States and the fourth highest in California.’
    • ‘Precipitation is highest in summer due to a continental monsoon, especially in middle to eastern parts of the desert regions in China.’
    • ‘During this time vast expanses of North America and Eurasia were periodically covered with enormous continental glaciers.’
    • ‘In the last ice age, sea levels fell and continental plants and animals migrated here, only to be trapped when the waters rose again.’
    • ‘Green Sea Turtles enjoy warm, tropical and subtropical, shallow water near continental coasts and around islands where the sea grass is plentiful.’
    • ‘The Himalayas, towering as high as 8,854 m above sea level, form the highest continental mountains in the world.’
    • ‘And it's the only speck of land in an area of the ocean about the size of the continental United States.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the United States was bordered by two oceans; it was not only a continent but also a continental island.’
    • ‘More than 2 percent of the continental United States - an area the size of Georgia - is covered by roads and roadsides.’
    • ‘Towards the middle of the period the climate became warmer and milder, the glaciers receded, and the continental interiors became drier.’
  • 2

    (also Continental)
    In, from, or characteristic of mainland Europe.

    ‘a continental holiday’
    • ‘Visitors can indulge in Indian, Chinese or Continental cuisine as well as delights from the bakery.’
    • ‘Among the chief achievements of the Continental navy was to bring the war to Europe.’
    • ‘Arguably, it is this route that Continental philosophy has followed ever since.’
    • ‘This is a work of an accomplished sculpture and may even be the work of an Irish artist influenced by an English or Continental model.’
    • ‘The club are still bottom of the superleague, but semi-finals had been booked in both the Challenge Cup and the Continental Cup.’
    • ‘In fact, in a sprawling metropolis like London, there are more Indian than Continental restaurants.’
    • ‘For breakfast patients can order feta cheese with olives, a Continental cheese selection, a fresh fruit bowl and Earl Grey tea.’
    • ‘When you compare English history with Continental history you are struck immediately by some major overall differences.’
    • ‘If the Continental school day is adopted, Mr Deadman should carefully monitor the effects both inside and outside his school.’
    • ‘Not when it comes to expensive Continental chocolates, anyway.’
    • ‘Great efforts seem to be focused on the special event markets in Parliament Street, especially Continental clients.’
    • ‘The distraught parents, from a remote Continental community, were determined the operation should not go ahead.’
    • ‘The aim was for a Continental feel - a bustling central square surrounded by restaurants, bars and boutiques.’
    • ‘The band is trying to break into the massive Continental market after a string of UK gigs were axed because of poor ticket sales.’
    • ‘She said the Continental markets sold food that could not be totally fresh, having been brought to Britain from Europe.’
    • ‘Even as darkness fell outside the ambience of the Patio didn't dim and candles, as always, add to the Continental feel.’
    • ‘But despite the visiting Continental market's success not everybody is happy.’
    • ‘And it only heightened his appeal to those of us who followed the Continental cycling scene from afar.’
    • ‘We are hoping to have a trial Continental market in the late spring.’
  • 3

    (also Continental)
    US historical Relating to the thirteen original colonies of the United States during the time of the American War of Independence.

    • ‘in 1783 the officers and men of the Continental forces had little to celebrate’


  • 1An inhabitant of mainland Europe.

  • 2

    (also Continental)
    US historical A member of the Continental Army.

    • ‘22 Continentals were killed and scalped’
  • 3

    (also Continental)
    US historical A piece of paper currency issued by the Continental Congress.

    • ‘the redemption of Continentals by the government’