Meaning of exquisitely in English:


Pronunciation /??kskw?z?tli/ /?k?skw?z?tli/

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  • 1In an extremely beautiful and delicate manner.

    ‘exquisitely crafted sculptures’
    • ‘she sings exquisitely’
    • ‘His small, exquisitely crafted pictures could look a bit twee.’
    • ‘This exquisitely crafted sword was built for strength and speed.’
    • ‘Shades of amber light play upon the heavy wooden ceiling beams and exquisitely embroidered wall hangings.’
    • ‘These small exquisitely carved ivory figurines come in an almost limitless variety.’
    • ‘These are exquisitely detailed works of architecture.’
  • 2often as submodifier In an intensely felt manner.

    ‘the exquisitely painful portrait of a marriage collapsing’
    • ‘I am exquisitely afraid of their hatred.’
    • ‘He is exquisitely aware of the extent to which he follows in his father's traumatic path.’
    • ‘She did not say it to her cousin, but she was exquisitely happy regarding his upcoming marriage.’
    • ‘Individual ulcers were exquisitely painful.’
    • ‘It's really an exquisitely scary guessing game, but also kind of exciting, at the same time.’
    1. 2.1In a highly sensitive or discriminating manner.
      ‘she was always exquisitely attuned to her mother's moods’
      • ‘The building's design is exquisitely tasteful.’
      • ‘He was exquisitely attuned to the need for public relations.’
      • ‘Plants and animals are often exquisitely adapted to living in the desert.’
      • ‘Their every business process needed to become exquisitely calibrated to respond instantly to whatever got thrown at them.’
      • ‘Intelligence, special operations forces, and diplomacy will have to be exquisitely coordinated.’