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girl band

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  • A pop group composed of young women whose music and image are designed to appeal primarily to a young teenage audience.

    ‘classic 60s girl bands’
    • ‘I don't want people to constantly compare us to girl bands they know.’
    • ‘The Skinny is Edmonton's hottest girl band by far.’
    • ‘Credible as they were for a girl band, they were still leagues away from the underground coolness she'd envisaged.’
    • ‘Three years and one line-up change later, they are the coolest, smartest girl band in the country.’
    • ‘While the rest of the chart-topping girl band are keen to make a comeback at the charity extravaganza, she doesn't want to return to her past and reform the group.’
    • ‘Geri's rows with Mel were believed to have affected her decision to quit the chart-topping girl band in 1998.’
    • ‘She became a tabloid favourite as part of girl band Atomic Kitten and wife to the Irish Westlife singer Bryan McFadden.’
    • ‘The Priscillas excel at taking all the base elements from the best known girl bands from the 60s to the present day.’
    • ‘Canada needs a big, famous, girl band for starters, but more than that, I think that the girls have lots to offer that most bands just aren't giving us and that's fun music with just a little bit of silly attitude.’
    • ‘It's kind of refreshing to see a band that might look like another girl band but who actually have a little something else going on.’
    • ‘A 1990s spin on The Monkees starring the real-life, three-piece girl band Cleopatra in fictional comedy adventures based upon their careers and family life.’
    • ‘Three-piece girl band Shine formed in 2000 after founding member and pianist Amy placed a local newspaper advert for talented performers to join her.’
    • ‘Two members of one of the UK's biggest girl bands Girls Aloud flew into Belfast last night to help raise funds for BBC Children In Need.’
    • ‘The four-strong girl band Supernova will be introduced to Fair City.’
    • ‘She kind of sees herself as the leader of the girl band even though there is no leader.’
    • ‘The sassy girl band has been hailed for bringing a fresh attitude to music.’
    • ‘Sinead O'Carroll, formerly of the internationally successful girl band B*Witched, is behind this new initiative.’
    • ‘Diane said news of a tour by the girl band on their own "had been mentioned", but everything was up in the air.’
    • ‘In 2001, Swindon was graced by an appearance from girl band Atomic Kitten, pop babe Louise and boy band A1.’
    • ‘The four-piece girl band from Surrey have been billed as the new All Saints.’
    • ‘They're making their own CDs, forming their own girl bands and yet I wouldn't want to go into that business.’
    • ‘He preys on people who are easily influenced, such as school leavers who want to be in a girl band.’
    • ‘Also on the comeback trail are the original 1980s girl band, The Bangles, after their hit Eternal Flame enjoyed a new lease of life courtesy of Atomic Kitten.’
    • ‘A local girl band called "T String" will present the charms of modern electronic music.’
    • ‘Denim-clad Irish girl band B*Witched will also be on, but it's hard to imagine them having anything interesting to say.’
    • ‘When they exploded onto the pop scene in 1995, they rapidly became the most popular girl band since, well, Bananarama.’