Meaning of handoff in English:


Pronunciation /?hand?f/

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American Football
  • An exchange made by handing the ball to a teammate.

    ‘Richie Anderson drops the ball on a handoff one play after Woodson gets away with another pass interference call.’
    • ‘What do you call a guy with lightning quickness who catches passes, takes handoffs, throws the ball, returns punts and is more elusive than Barry Sanders?’
    • ‘The cold would help the defense on Jones' next carry, as the back lost the football on the handoff from quarterback Chad Hutchinson.’
    • ‘Barber said that losing three fumbles in a game of that magnitude and nearly botching a handoff exchange with Collins in overtime no doubt will stick with him despite the celebratory feeling in the locker room.’
    • ‘The Bengals will play things conservatively at first as Palmer gets a feel for the NFL, and that means quick throws to playmaking wideouts Chad Johnson and Peter Warrick and lots of handoffs to Rudi Johnson.’
    • ‘He has had problem holding on to the ball, taking handoffs, pass blocking and running routes.’
    • ‘Whenever the Wolfpack ran a play action pass with a fake handoff to McLendon, the defense would have to respect the threat posed by the running back, giving Rivers' receivers an extra moment to get open.’
    • ‘I wish Warrick Dunn would have signed with New Orleans in the offseason so he could get handoffs from Aaron Brooks.’
    • ‘He will have to adjust to taking handoffs and catching passes instead of taking snaps, and he has no experience as a blocker.’
    • ‘In reliability, consistency, durability and longevity, Smith is the envy of anybody who ever took a handoff.’