Meaning of imperatively in English:


Pronunciation /?m?p?r?t?vli/


See imperative

‘When it comes to criminal justice, which is always a mirror of social justice, the state, in this case the courts, imperatively has to take note of the social facts relevant to the construction of values, principles and rules.’
  • ‘One key to understanding policy and politics in most European countries is to take it that ‘social’ indicates that the matter in hand imperatively demands a political decision to override any market solution that would otherwise emerge.’
  • ‘They [the writers of the 18th century] constitute our ordinary standard literature, and for models in English writing the tradition, not yet obsolete, of our fathers refers us imperatively hither.’
  • ‘The letter ended imperatively: ‘Save the Village!’’
  • ‘I declined to adopt the view that what was imperatively necessary for the Nation could not be done by the President unless he could find some specific authorization to do it…’