Meaning of lawyer up in English:

lawyer up

phrasal verb

informal US
  • Hire a lawyer.

    • ‘at least six women have lawyered up and plan to sue him’
    • ‘Both sides have lawyered up and will have a chance to voice their concerns.’
    • ‘The first thing anyone does when they are wronged is to lawyer up.’
    • ‘She better lawyer up, because she's about to embark on a bitter custody battle!’
    • ‘The group has lawyered up and filed a petition to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.’
    • ‘They have lawyered up and plan to countersue because "no grown man should hit a woman."’
    • ‘If anyone does try to release the video he's ready to lawyer up to block it.’
    • ‘Andrew's family lawyered up and prepared to file a lawsuit.’
    • ‘By Thursday evening the unrest appeared to be settling down as all sides lawyered up.’
    • ‘So many of our parents lawyered up and nuked their family lives with custody battles, money grubbing and ruthless competition for their kids' loyalty.’
    • ‘We were told both stepchildren have lawyered up, because they're the only remaining people who have a legal right to file a wrongful death lawsuit.’