Meaning of mateyness in English:


(also matiness)

Pronunciation /?me?t?n?s/


informal British

See matey

‘Yes, I've said, with the casual blend of matiness and erudition that distinguishes media sociologists, the Sixties revolution brought about a profound change in our sexual attitudes.’
  • ‘Certainly it's not the lame, dated jokes, the lazy writing, the slack narrative pacing, the boring matiness of the male ensemble or the overall emptiness of the film.’
  • ‘They're a picture of teenage mateyness, and it's this apparently benign gang mentality that distinguishes them from the rest of their genre.’
  • ‘The conversational style essential to success eludes most of us, or is parodied in a false mateyness, but it seemed to come naturally to him.’
  • ‘It must be possible to get away from mateyness, the lingua franca and analytical chitchat in discussing music, yet still say something real.’