Meaning of paisa in English:


Pronunciation /?p??sɑ?/ /?p??s?/


  • A monetary unit of India and Nepal (and formerly of Pakistan), equal to one hundredth of a rupee.

    ‘It capitalized on the Lux-soap brand, and it cost less than any other sachet: just 50 paise compared with two rupees.’
    • ‘It costs as little as fifty paise to a rupee or two depending on the brand and is available virtually everywhere, thanks to street vendors and roadside shops.’
    • ‘The story now takes us into a flashback to show Seshadri Naidu as a hardworking canteen owner who sells roti-dal-buttermilk for a rupee - making just 10 paise profit.’
    • ‘A basket of mackerel would cost him 140 rupees; even if he sold at 50 paise per fish, it was still a loss.’
    • ‘While traditional lamps sell at 50 paise a piece, aesthetically painted ones sell for a rupee each, they add.’


Hindi paisā.