Meaning of reap the fruits of in English:

reap the fruits of


(also reap the harvest of)
  • Suffer the results or consequences of.

    ‘the business community has begun to reap the fruits of these reforms’
    • ‘critics believe we are now reaping the harvest of our permissive ways’
    • ‘The president is reaping a bitter harvest of popular discontent.’
    • ‘It really should be no surprise if we reap the harvest of what we have sown.’
    • ‘We are reaping the harvest of our cowardice and complacency.’
    • ‘I believe they are soon going to reap the harvest of the devious seeds they've sown.’
    • ‘She is just reaping the harvest of the political intrigue that she 's continuously been sowing.’
    • ‘I knew that I was reaping the harvest of an all-but-stationary life.’
    • ‘We are reaping the harvest of a litany of spineless decisions.’
    • ‘We are reaping the disturbing harvest of many years of information overload.’
    • ‘The common man on the street knows well that he is the one who reaps the bitter harvest of divisive politics.’
    • ‘I think me and my contemporaries sowed a lot of seeds and other people are reaping the harvest today.’
    • ‘We are reaping the resultant harvest of poverty and misery, with successive generations of unemployed citizens.’