Meaning of stalked in English:


Pronunciation /st??kt/


  • (chiefly of a plant or animal structure) having a stalk or main stem.

    ‘stalked barnacles’
    • ‘a thick-stalked mushroom’
    • ‘Glandular trichomes can be found as unicellular, multicellular, and stalked structures.’
    • ‘Pollen organs have been described as anything from a modified leaf bearing stalked pollen sacs to cone-like clusters.’
    • ‘Ambulatory relatives of the stalked sea lilies, feather stars use their arms to walk and to climb.’
    • ‘The mantis shrimp's elongate, jointed carapace sports stalked eyes, the most complex in the animal kingdom.’
    • ‘These long-stalked cherries are enclosed with kirsch in a chocolate covering.’