Meaning of white shoe brigade in English:

white shoe brigade


informal Australian
  • (especially during the 1980s) wealthy business people of Queensland, typically property developers, perceived as aggressively commercial, vulgarly showy, and politically conservative.

    • ‘the white shoe brigade preferred the real-estate speculation model of productivity’
    • ‘He became a billionaire via the Gold Coast White Shoe Brigade and the mining business.’
    • ‘The conference room was stacked with people who looked and behaved like caricatures of the legendary white shoe brigade of the Eighties boom time.’
    • ‘Symbols of the excesses of the white-shoe brigade may be kitsch and amusing, but are indicative of a society where development was pursued for the good of a few.’
    • ‘They're going to support nasty, grasping, greedy, profit-driven, Rolls Royce-driving, trample on the underclass, uncaring, urban sprawling, habitat destroying, white shoe brigade developers?’
    • ‘The white shoe brigade had always been threatening to come across the border and they succeeded.’
    • ‘The high-rise hotels, shopping malls and themed restaurants have long been known as the haunt of the nouveaux riches and what Australians dismiss as "the white shoe brigade".’
    • ‘The only people who will benefit are the lawyers, the accountants, and the white shoes brigade.’
    • ‘The week began with talk of casinos and theme parks, and the white shoe brigade stomping in and claiming Federation Peak.’
    • ‘He speaks with a sense and maturity way above his years, unlike some of Queensland's old "white shoe brigade" who set up the Gold Coast's Sanctuary Cove and the golf course he calls home.’
    • ‘It's the revenge of the white shoe brigade - they want to rip it up and destroy what we came to enjoy.’


1980s with reference to the showy white shoes worn by property developers in the period.