Translation of -headed in Spanish:


Pronunciation /?h?d?d/ /?h?d?d/

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    two-headed de dos cabezas
    • round-headed de cabeza redonda
    • We found ourselves before the opened door and a big, clean-shaven bald-headed man stepped lightly into the room.
    • The small island was alive with wildlife: sloths, tapirs, and blue-headed parrots.
    • The three-headed hound of hell could not drag me away.
    • Fantasy books are filled with stories about two-headed dragons.
    • The game wardens laid several charges against the men, including possession of 25 yellow-headed parrots and having caged birds in an undersized cage.
    • The black-headed gulls are now in their winter plumage.
    • We ran into this small, dark-headed man who was packing up his gear.
    • The plesiosaurs were beginning to evolve into the familiar long-necked small-headed Plesiosauroidea.
    • The shiny headed guy to his right looks like he might be reading the Daily News.
    • He works with a white headed vulture called Ethel.