Translation of -hearted in Spanish:


Pronunciation /?hɑrd?d/ /?hɑ?t?d/

  • 1

    big-hearted/good-hearted de gran/buen corazón
    • The employees' problems are blamed on the black-hearted publisher rather than on the ideological system.
    • This is cinema not for the faint-hearted, where you have to go into the dark places first before you can see the light.
    • This is light-hearted, but intelligent humour.
    • His ultra-macho, cold-hearted, egotistical personality thoroughly disgusted me.
    • I am very soft-hearted and sentimental in all of my books.
    • Several echoed the thought until it turned into a full-hearted shout from the entire crowd.
    • Stacy was still the same old cold-hearted, stuck up girl.
    • The purpose of day was to commemorate the noble-hearted three.
    • I had a good-hearted grandfather and grandmother.
    • My impression of this town is of its cleanliness and its warm-hearted people.