Translation of eucalyptus in Spanish:


eucalipto, n.

Pronunciation /?juk??l?pt?s/ /?ju?k??l?pt?s/

Definition of eucalipto in Spanish

nounplural eucalyptuses

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    eucalipto masculine
    • Quick-growing wattles and eucalypts (gum trees) spread through the country for a multitude of uses on farms, mines, and railways and became a mark of habitation.
    • That is where you've got grazing land largely, and it appears that the woody vegetation, trees, eucalypts and acacias, native pines and other shrubs, are becoming denser and denser.
    • That explains our eucalypts and tea trees, with their large open flowers full of nectar.
    • He said authorities in the past introduced pioneer species such as acacias and eucalypts that adapted quickly to badly eroded areas on barren land.
    • Avenues of mallee eucalypts could lead to a big future for Mid West farmers.
    • No other continent is so dominated by one genus of tree as Australia is by eucalypts.
    • Petaurids feed on insects and on the sap and gum of eucalypts and acacias.
    • Strips of light streamed through forests of eucalyptuses and towering mountain ash.
    • Dr Hughes, from your studies what's likely to happen to Australia's eucalypts?
    • At about 1:30 in the afternoon, wind-fanned flames leapt to the tops of the native eucalypts and imported pines, igniting them.
    • The plethora of uses for eucalypts takes up a fair bit of space, as does a discussion of ways to adapt agriculture to a new, more sustainable way of thinking.
    • I roll my swag out under the shady trees along the creek; it's a chain of deep waterholes fringed by spiky pandanus and smooth white eucalypts.
    • They won't come to see rows of monotonous pines and eucalypts.
    • I looked up and saw that the trees I was standing under were eucalypts, which had released their oily, pungent aroma into the wet air.
    • Aromatic scents of eucalypts and heath plants wafted up from the plains.
    • Can anyone advise me as to whether or not rhododendrons will grow/thrive under eucalypts?
    • In fact, where the karakas were supposed to be there was a plantation of eucalypts.
    • I will not mention all of them, but a lot of native species, eucalypts, wattles, and quite a number of exotic softwoods and hardwoods, are suitable.
    • Standing under a eucalyptus tree, we are looking up at a koala.
    • After an hour, we reached the first hills, dotted with the eucalyptus groves that flank the mountain.
  • 2also eucalyptus oil

    bálsamo de eucalipto masculine
    eucalipto masculine