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irrelevancia, n.

Pronunciación /?(r)?r?l?v?ns/ /??r?l?v(?)ns/

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    irrelevancia femenino
    the irrelevance to the topic of much of the lecture lo poco que gran parte de la conferencia tuvo que ver con el tema
    • the project is now a costly irrelevance el proyecto se ha convertido en algo costoso y sin sentido
    • The rest of the test was something of an irrelevance.
    • The Tories, however, have moved swiftly from being an irrelevance to becoming strangely fascinating.
    • Personal pride in the quality of the work you did became a sentimental irrelevance.
    • The sales figures of any particular vintage are almost an irrelevance.
    • The views of British rabbis, however, are an irrelevance in Israel.
    • In such an atmosphere, the idea of legal safeguards for people accused of abuse becomes almost an irrelevance.
    • However, Liberal Democrat support among this demographic may well prove to be an irrelevance in the coming General Election.
    • The first was that the question of the lung function tests seemed to be an irrelevance where the injury was psychiatric.
    • The fact that the book is not especially well written or in any way plausible has almost become a trifling irrelevance.
    • But you don't take the time and space in a mass-circulation paper to repeatedly bash an irrelevance.
    • Then, for a while, people sniggered at us and called us an irrelevance.
    • But, on his account, the availability of a court was an irrelevance.
    • The days of the civilised embassy building are over (at least for certain nations) and architectural quality is an irrelevance.
    • Certainly, if she is looking for the modern threat to Scottish Protestantism, the Catholic Church is an irrelevance.
    • For most Indians, religion is very much a part of their everyday lives, and the question of atheism an irrelevance.
    • The trade unions are a massive irrelevance.
    • But this was, after all, the late 20th century and the rather antiquated British blasphemy laws were something of an irrelevance.
    • Was the Senate an irrelevance in the governance of the empire?
    • Investors almost ignored the figures as an irrelevance.
    • The young girl and the man of God between them manage the transformation of the Syrian commander, with the Israelite king as a narrative irrelevance.