Translation of isolation in Spanish:


aislamiento, n.

Pronunciation /?a?s??le??(?)n/ /??s??le??(?)n/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(state)

      aislamiento masculine
      social/economic isolation aislamiento social/económico
      • A general boycott will help this necessary process of international isolation.
      • This suggested a growing mistrust of political institutions and a sense of isolation from the decision-making process.
      • No longer will our students and communities need to feel disadvantaged because of isolation or shortage of resources.
      • First, his visit ends the international isolation imposed on Syria since the passing of UN Resolution 1559 in 2004.
      • Their relative isolation from the rest of the country means that many do not even think of politics.
      • Diplomatically, Britain had been cornered and her splendid isolation was more discomforting than her solitary magnificence.
      • Third, a Mantel test was used to assess the hypothesis of genetic isolation by geographic distance.
      • In addition to physical pain, dying patients often experience social isolation, psychological stress and spiritual crises.
      • The number of help line and awareness groups is only a reflection of increasing social isolation.
      • Using families' natural support systems to reduce social isolation may be of great help.
      • But those who are willing to put out the effort can always experience relative travel isolation.
      • The North has been making a concerted effort to end its diplomatic isolation since last year.
      • But Libya does want American participation - both for economic reasons and to end its diplomatic isolation.
      • As a consequence, Libya gradually overcame its international isolation.
      • Australia's native wildlife is almost entirely endemic, having evolved in virtual isolation from the rest of the world.
      • Of greater interest is that our analysis shows a pattern of isolation by distance.
      • Racial diversity in the student body reduces the isolation experienced by faculty of color.
      • As a corollary, corridors of suitable habitat should reduce patch isolation, thereby decreasing species loss and enhancing colonization.
      • Coverdale withdraws into increasing isolation from the modern world.

    • 1.2Medicine

      aislamiento masculine
      (ward/hospital) (before noun) de infecciosos
      to keep sb in isolation mantener a algn aislado
      • His wife sent him to the local isolation hospital but no patients would share the same ward with him.
      • Late closure of isolation wards led to infection of visitors and spread of the disease to the community.
      • The isolation ward patients all wear mask themselves, we wear M95 masks when we work in those areas.
      • Robyn was in an isolation ward at the hospital over the weekend and doctors hoped she could be released on Monday.
      • These children have typhoid, they should be in isolation, but the isolation hospital was looted.
      • No quality restrictions were imposed on studies using isolation wards or nurse cohorting.
      • As SARS infection could not be excluded the patient was transferred directly to an isolation ward on the same day.
      • This served Joyce Green and other isolation hospitals in the area.
      • His working group has also called for a return to isolation hospitals of the type built to deal with TB last century.
      • A surveyor's report found that the smallpox isolation hospital at Winterburn was in a poor state.
      • The land in question is the former isolation hospital in Main Road, Dovercourt.
      • This one would need her to be hospitalized in an isolation ward for a few weeks.
      • Swindon Council says the centre, which used to be an isolation hospital, was being closed and demolished because it was outdated.
      • This time it's the isolation ward instead of TB and Nokwanda will most likely never leave this hospital again.
      • She spent nine days in an isolation ward at North Manchester General Hospital and underwent a series of tests.
      • According to Chang, air pressure in the isolation wards is lower than the air pressure outside the wards.
      • The median number of AFB isolation rooms was 4.
      • During all the nine weeks he was being barrier nursed in an isolation ward.
      • Briefly, all patients with community-acquired pneumonia and fever are admitted to the isolation wards.
      • Mpumalanga yesterday opened an emergency isolation ward at the Rob Ferreira Hospital to treat ten cases.

  • 2

    • 2.1(separation, identification)

      identificación feminine
      • National Institute of Virology, Pune has carried out serological investigations and virus isolations in different parts of the country.
      • Each step in the curing procedures was monitored by electrophoresis of plasmid isolations.
      • The pre - and post-chlorination bacterial isolations are presented in Table 2.
      • The rise in isolations in our series exceeded the rise in submitted blood cultures.
      • Similar results were obtained from at least two independent PCR assays of two independent chromatin isolations.
      • Nuclei isolations and transcription assays were performed as previously described.
      • All proviral DNA isolations were processed in P3 laboratory facilities.
      • All animal handling, VBL treatments and sperm isolations were performed at one laboratory by one technician.
      • These latter bands were reconfirmed by multiple isolations and PCR-amplifications of VMA1 from genomic DNA initially derived from single cell cultures.
      • Cell lines were maintained as directed by the source, and DNA isolations were performed using Wizard genomic DNA purification (Promega).
      • The accumulation of viscous polysaccharides in the mycelia of S. commune often interferes with genomic DNA isolations.
      • Gastric lavage for isolation of M tuberculosis is a well accepted method.
      • Samples from all the treatments were harvested at the indicated times and total RNA isolation was performed.
      • Total RNA isolation and Northern analysis were performed according to standard protocols.
      • Genomic DNA isolation and purification followed either a modified Chelex or phenol-chloroform protocol.
      • Here we report the isolation of mutations in the Drosophila Tap 42 gene.
      • Petals were detached from three flowers, pooled and used for mRNA isolation.
      • All the steps in the isolation procedure were carried out at 4°C.
      • A chemist may get a prize for discovering oxygen or even a patent on the process used for its isolation.
      • Plant tissues to be used for RNA isolation were collected directly into liquid N 2.

    • 2.2(of virus, substance)

      aislamiento masculine