Definition of Yanqui in English:



variant spelling of Yankee, typically used in Latin American contexts
‘If we allow this to happen, we Yanquis will pay the price - in terms of economics, drugs and immigration - for years to come.’
  • ‘You don't even have to have any connections to the UK - I know some nice Canuckistanis and Yanquis have been here.’
  • ‘Can I just say as a Yanqui, that I'm in constant amazement at the idea of a show running from the early 70s to the mid 80s, yet only having twenty-odd episodes?’
  • ‘A thousand miles north of the present border, we were already in what used to be Mexico before the Invasión Yanqui.’
  • ‘And, though they may have eventually exited, they left a greater mark than the Yanqui did in Mexico.’
  • ‘No wonder that some Mexicans resent Yanquis, or that, as DePalma observes, ‘even today anxiety [about the U.S.] lingers, at least subconsciously, in the minds of some Canadians.’’
  • ‘But Castro stood up to everything the Yanquis threw his way: a CIA-trained exile army foiled at the Bay of Pigs in 1961, numerous assassination attempts, a US embargo that is still in effect.’
  • ‘Indicative of the plight of the economy, in August 1993 Cuba amended its constitution to allow its citizens to deal in the hated Yanqui dollar.’
  • ‘Or a lot of people consider him a holy man, a prophet, and a hero, and they don't want your filthy Yanqui money anyway.’
  • ‘We also see the brutal foreman of mining company (backed up, no doubt, by Yanqui financing), arrogantly selecting the ill-paid crew of the day while brusquely warning the city boys off company property.’
  • ‘‘Get out of the car, Yanqui,’ the short, balding taxi driver demanded.’
  • ‘This may have been a tacit warning to foreign, mainly Yanqui, architects, not to presume to apply their brand of monument to Havana.’
  • ‘No matter what the approach, drastic measures are needed to stem the latest tide of Yanqui imperialism.’
  • ‘Now, heraldry is one of the quaint, meaningless traditions (not unlike the House of Lords itself, come to think of it) that so enthralls Yanqui Anglophiles like myself.’
  • ‘Plan Colombia has finally given Farc some credibility in its claim to be fighting for ‘national liberation against Yanqui imperialism’.’



/?yaNGkē/ /?j??ki/