Traffic In Spain


If you're planning a trip to Spain, you'll want to be aware of local regulations relating to traffic and licenses. 

First of all, in Spain, you must drive on the right. 

Traffic circles

Traffic circles (glorietas or rotondas) are anti-clockwise in Spain and often confuse visitors. The old rule gave way to those coming from the right, but right of way goes to the left. You can only exit a traffic circle from the outside lane. Be sure to indicate you are exiting with a turn signal. It is law though not always followed by locals. 

Mopeds and motorcycles

In Spain you must be 15 years old to get a moped (under 50cc engine) licence. Drivers are required to take and pass a written exam and a test on a closed course. Only drivers over 18 years old can transport passengers on mopeds.

Pedestrian crossings

Drivers are polite to pedestrians in cross walks (which are striped). Many pedestrians will assume they have the right of way and barely check before crossing! 

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